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Company profile of Ningbo Vastsky Magnet Co.,ltd

Ningbo Vastsky Magnet ---china magnet supplier, strong magnet supplier, magnet factory, maget manufacturer, magnet exporter

Located in Ningbo Port, China, our company is professional magnet manufacturermagnet supplier and OEM magnet exporter of rare earth magnets, permanent magnets, neodymium magnets, Sintered NdFeB magnets (Neodymium-Ferrite-Boron) , strong magnets, bonded ndfeb magnets, ferrite magnets, alnico magnets, Smco magnets, rubber magnets, injection magnets, magnetic assemblies etc.

Our factory has over 10 years' manufacturing experience in making magnets with different shapes, different coating, etc. We have complete production lines including raw material melting, crushing, powdering, pressing, sintering, machining, plating, quality-inspecting,etc. Our annual design output is over 1000Ton, currently, actualy output is around 500Ton ,of which around 60% is for export market especially for Korea, Iran, India, West Euro, North america, etc.

Our factory covers 10000 square meter, with employess 100 or so. We implement ISO 9000 idea in the factory over 10 years to keep steady quality level. We have over 10 years export experience so we can have good communication with customers and settle all kinds of export issues. Our average delivery time:10-20days.

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What We Can Supply

1. Sintered NdFeB:  We can supply neodymium magnets (neodymium-ferrite-iron magnets) like N35~N52, N30M~N50M, N30H~N48H, N30SH~N45SH, N28UH~N40UH, N28EH~N38EH, AH,etc. All the permanent magnets can be customized into different shapes like block, cylinder, ring, tile, sphere with axial, radial, radiation magnetization and different coatings (gold, silver, Ni, Zn, Epoxy, Parylene, etc).

We have advantage to make N45 or above high grade magnets and some special shapes as well as some small sizes magnets even tiny magnets.

Our magnets are especially used for motors, speakers, sensors, electric switches, home appliance, high quality stationery, etc.

We supply : block magnet, disc magnet, ring magnet, ball magnet, segment magnet, tailor-made magnet,etc.


2. Meanwhile also supply Ferrite magnet, AlNiCo magnet, SmCo magnet, Flexible rubber magnets, bonded NdFeB and therapy magnets as well as magnetic assemblies like permanent magnet lifters, magnetic hook,magnetic holdings, magnetic seperator etc.  We have plastic injection machines, press machine, cnc lathe machine for making alll kinds of magnetic assemblies. 

The Reason why you will choose us

1. Good Quality: Our permanent magnets have highly consistent magnetic property and high temperature resistance, and are particularly suitable for all kinds of motors, electrical machinery, electric-acoustic devices, microwave communication, computer peripheral equipment, etc. Meanwhile, we can also supply products with good cost performance to cater for customers' purposes of home appliances, crafts, etc.

We view quality as company's life. So we will not use bad material to cheat customers. 

2. Leading Technology:  We keep continuous technical innovation. We can supply produce N52 products and high temperature resistance magnets. Furthermore, we keep research on Multi-pole radiant magnetization ring magnets for motors.

3. Good Credit Standing: We enjoy a good reputation in domestic and overseas markets. We were premium members of and . We have been audited by third party. We cooperate with our customers with the strict direction of negotiation and contract. We aim to establish long term business relationship with customers rather than one-time business.  Any cheating with lower quality magnets is not our company spirit. 

4. Good Service: We can respond to you at the first time, even we have special online service for the international market.

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client purchase strong magnets"Since 2006, we found Mr.Guo and get products from him. We used magnets under the earth for the gas and water pipe industries. We have met no problem. We have been working in very happy ways. We have many cooperation. Every year, we spent time together and sometimes, we invited him to Korea. He is our younger brother. Strongly recommended!!"

--------Mr. Tae Lee Korea

customers buy permanent magnets"I had email to Mr. Guo for rare earth magnet requirements. They replied my e-mail promptly, and were very professional. Mr. Guo’s team still continues to deliver rare earth magnets to our agreed specifications with a very high quality standard since 2012. His team is very professional and thorough with its work. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend them." 

------Mr.Tauphik India

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