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Alnico magnet

Alnico magnet is made by aluminum, nickel, cobalt, copper, iron and other materialsl It is an alloy magnet. According to the machining process difference, it can be divided into casting aluminum nickel and cobalt and sintering aluminum nickel and cobalt.

Can cast alnico magnetic property is higher, can be processed into different sizes and shapes, sintering aluminum nickel and cobalt in the process is simple, can be directly pressed into the required size. Get instant prices now

Alnico magnet has the advantage of its small temperature coefficient, thus magnetic property changing little caused by the temperature change. The highest working temperature can reach 400 degrees Celsius. Currently widely used in instruments, meters such requests in the high temperature stability of the product.

Alnico magnets, strong corrosion resistance of surface. electroplating processing is not required. Get instant prices now

alnico magnetalnico magnet

alnico magnetalnico magnet

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Alnico magnet industry research

Alnico magnet industry research

by Jian Guo

Alnico magnet industry research

The characteristics of AlNiCo magnets and which industries are they mainly used in?

The characteristics of AlNiCo magnets and which industries are they mainly used in?


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