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Application of neodymium iron boron magnet in daily life

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Application of neodymium iron boron magnet in daily life

Application of neodymium iron boron magnet in daily life

Eight uses, each of which plays an important role in life.

1. The magnetized

This technology is to use magnetic field to magnetize the object, can change the nature of the object, the state of the union, change the state of atoms, electrons, catalyze chemical reactions.

2. Magnetic separation

The technology is also known as magnetic separation technology, can be with magnetic substances from the non-magnetic substances extracted, whether it is mineral processing coal, pharmaceutical chemical industry, water treatment are very commonly used.

3. Increase the load

For example, a crane is the use of magnetic force to suck up the object, small size, large force, like iron, steel, mechanical parts and other adsorbable objects, magnetic crane is very suitable.

4. The audio

In fact, the influence of the head of our home is also Ndfeb magnet in oh, and the role in the inside can be great. The speaker is a device for converting telecommunications signal, and an important part of the inside is NdFeb magnet.

5. Microwave communication

Ndfeb magnets are also of great use in communication. Magnetron, satellite communication, radar detection, electronic tracking and so on need to use NdFeb magnets.

6. Permanent magnet motor

In our daily car is composed of a lot of motors, NdFeb magnet is an important part of the motor, its appearance makes the motor realize more energy saving, smaller volume, higher than the power of the technical leapfrog.

7. Magnetic therapy

In the medical aspect, the magnetic therapy equipment specially developed for the treatment of joint inflammation, hypertension, coronary heart disease and other diseases by the use of Ndfeb magnets is the principle of the use of artificial magnetic field to treat the location of the human body's acupoint venation lesions.

8. Magnetic resonance imaging

In THE hospital CANCER oncology department, cardiovascular cerebrovascular department, nervous system department often have a must do detection, that is magnetic resonance imaging, it can find the lesions of human body soft tissue, help the doctor to make more accurate judgment.

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