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Demand Analysis of High Performance NdFeB Magnetic Materials

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Demand Analysis of High Performance NdFeB Magnetic Materials

The demand for high-performance NdFeB magnetic materials is mainly concentrated in the fields of new energy vehicles, traditional vehicles, wind power generation, energy-saving variable frequency air conditioners, energy-saving elevators, consumer electronics, and industrial robots. The sum of the demand in these fields accounts for about 95%.
Demand of New Energy Vehicles for High Performance NdFeB Magnetic Materials
New energy vehicles inject new momentum into world economic development. Under the background of "decarbonization", countries focus on the automobile industry to promote energy conservation and emission reduction. Developing new energy vehicles has become an important strategic measure to address climate change and promote green development. High performance NdFeB permanent magnet materials are mainly used in the drive motor of new energy vehicles. The drive motor is one of the three core components of new energy vehicles. Among them, permanent magnet synchronous motor has the advantages of high efficiency, high torque density, small motor size, light weight, etc., becoming the mainstream of the drive motor of new energy vehicles. New energy vehicles are expected to become the core driving force to increase the demand for high-performance NdFeB magnets.
Demand for high performance NdFeB magnetic materials for traditional automobiles
The application of high-performance NdFeB magnetic materials in traditional vehicles is mainly electric power steering system (EPS), which plays a key role in vehicle stability, comfort and safety.
Demand of wind power generation for high performance NdFeB magnetic materials
Wind power is one of the key supports to achieve the goal of green and low-carbon development and ecological civilization construction. In 2020, representatives of more than 400 wind energy enterprises jointly issued the Beijing Declaration on Wind Energy at the Beijing International Wind Energy Conference, pointing out that the development potential of global wind energy resources technology is about 40 times the current global power demand, and the future development and utilization prospects are broad.
Demand of energy-saving elevators for high-performance NdFeB magnets
Elevator traction machine is the power equipment of elevator, including permanent magnet synchronous traction machine and traditional asynchronous traction machine. Permanent magnet synchronous motor adopts high-performance permanent magnet materials and special motor structure, which has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, low speed, large torque, etc.
Demand of industrial robots for high performance NdFeB magnets
The development of the robot industry is an important indicator of a country's scientific and technological innovation and high-end manufacturing level. Accelerating the high-quality development of the robot industry is conducive to injecting strong momentum into economic and social development. Industrial robot is an automatic equipment to realize intelligent manufacturing. At present, it mainly refers to a multi joint manipulator or multi degree of freedom robot facing the industrial field, which is used for handling, welding, assembly, processing, painting, cleaner production, etc. in the industrial production process. The drive motor is the core component of industrial robots, and the permanent magnet synchronous servo motor is the mainstream. High performance rare earth permanent magnet material is the key material of servo motor, which is helpful to improve the power and stability of the motor while simplifying the structure, reducing the volume and saving energy.
The Demand of Humanoid Robot for High Performance NdFeB Magnetic Materials
Humanoid robot is a kind of robot with similar human shape characteristics. it not only has the motion ability of conventional robots, but also has vision, hearing and touch. The humanoid robot is not a new topic, but it has always been limited by technology in the decades of research and development, and has been mainly confined to conceptual imagination, which is difficult to truly achieve production and commercialization. In April this year, Musk announced that Tesla's humanoid robot (Optimus Prime) will become Tesla's main development product in 2022, even more important than new energy vehicles, and plans to officially put it into production in 2023, reigniting the market's enthusiasm for humanoid robots and triggering a new round of robot concept stock boom. Intelligent humanoid robot is expected to become another growth pole of NdFeB demand. Intelligent robots mainly include industrial robots, professional service robots and personal/home robots. High performance NdFeB magnets are mainly used in sensors and drive motors of intelligent robots, and are the core materials of servo motors, the core parts of robots. Musk is very optimistic about the future development of the robot industry. He believes that with the technological progress and expansion of production scale, the average cost will gradually decline, and the price of household robots may be lower than that of cars, becoming a normal consumer product within the general range of consumers.
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