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How to magnetize a magnet

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11 magnetization directions, 11magnetization methods of magnets include dc magnetization, superconducting magnetic field, pulse magnetic field

Ndfeb magnet is widely used attributed to its physical properties. Magnetization method is the most important thing of ndfeb magnet, the commonly used magnetization methods include: dc magnetization, superconducting magnetic field, pulse magnetic field.

Dc magnetization

in electromagnet coil , input direct current, magnetic field is produced. Generally it is used for  smaller permanent magnets, but as a result of large energy consumption, slow start, cooling difficulty and hard to make the strong magnetization of magnetic field, is now rarely used.

Pulse magnetization

an alternating current transferred into direct current (dc) stored in a capacitor, and then make the instantaneous discharge capacitance or crystal with large capacity discharge pressure tube, to produce powerful pulse current in the coil of sprint, resulting in a strong pulsed magnetic field, the magnet magnetized in the coil. Pulse current pulse discharge, milliseconds can reach more than 100 ka, general pulse magnetizing device can provide the maximum magnetic field is about 6-10 t, in principle can be coercive force of 2400 ka/m of the permanent magnet material in the condition of demagnetization filling to saturation. Due to it is easy to produce strong magnetic field. The magnetization period is short. Suitable for continuous magnetization. Energy loss is small, cost is low. Cooling problem easier to solve, equipment, small volume, etc. Has been widely used.

Superconducting magnetic fields methods

superconducting magnetic field winding spiral tube with superconducting materials, superconducting critical temperature, cooling to the resistance will suddenly disappear, as long as add the small voltage in the superconducting coil can generate strong superconducting magnetic field. The device need refrigerant like liquid nitrogen, etc.

11 Magnetization directions of neodymium magnets

magnetization direction-1magnetization direction-2magnetization direction-3magnetization direction-4

Magnetization through thickness           Axial magnetization               Multi-pole magnetization                Multi-pole magnetization            

                                                                                                       (outer circle)                                (plain surface)                           

magnetization direction-6magnetization direction-7magnetization direction-8magnetization direction-9

Radial magnetization                  Multi-pole magnetization               Multi-pole magnetization           Radial magnetization                    

                                                   (plain surface)                                (single surface)                     (Inner ring)                                   


magnetization direction-11    magnetization direction-5  magnetization direction-10

Radial magnetization                           Multi-pole magnetization            Radial magnetization

                                                              (inner circle) 

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