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The Secret of the Permanent Magnet

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The Secret of the Permanent MagnetPermanent magnets are used in many different applications, including toys, tools, and medical devices. They're also useful for storing energy.

Permanent magnets are used in many different applications, including toys, tools, and medical devices. They're also useful for storing energy.

What Is a Permanent Magnet?

A permanent magnet is a material with strong magnetic properties that remain unchanged when exposed to heat, pressure, or electricity. It's made up of small particles called "magnetic domains" that align themselves along the direction of the applied field.

Why Do We Need Permanent Magnets?

Magnetic fields are everywhere. They're used in everything from toys to medical devices to power our homes. And they're essential to how we interact with them. Without magnets, we wouldn't be able to use tools like drills, saws, and screwdrivers. We'd also lose the ability to communicate using Morse code.

How Can You Create a Permanent Magnet?

To make a permanent magnet, you need to find a material that's both strong enough to hold a large magnetic field and soft enough to allow the magnetism to remain after being exposed to heat. Iron is one of the strongest known materials, so it makes sense that it would be used to create magnets. However, iron is very hard and brittle, making it difficult to work with. It's also not as soft as some other metals, such as nickel and cobalt. Nickel and cobalt are much easier to work with because they're softer than iron.

How Does a Permanent Magnet Work?

In order to understand how a permanent magnet works, we first need to understand what happens when two magnets attract each other. If you've ever played with a bar magnet, you might have noticed that it will stick to itself. This is because there is a force between the two magnets that pulls them together. This force is called the magnetic attraction force.

How Can I Use a Permanent Magnet?

A permanent magnet is a special type of material that has its magnetic properties fixed permanently. It's not something you can turn into a magnet by rubbing it with another magnet. Instead, a permanent magnet is made up of tiny particles of iron or other ferromagnets that are held together by a binder. These particles are so small that they cannot be seen with the naked eye.

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