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Japan made neodymium iron nitrogen magnetic thin film

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Japan material research institute (NIMS) announced on October 20, 2014, they developed sucessfully the new synthetic strong magnet, comparing to  the currently strongest Nd2Fe14B (neodymium magnets), its content of less rare earth elements Nd (Nd) , more excellent new magnet magnetic properties, the chemical formula is Nd2Fe12Nx.


Related to Magnetic features, new magnet material anisotropy of magnetic field intensity (with proportional to the loss of magnetic reverse magnetic field intensity, the coercive force ) at room temperature is about 8 T (Tesla), saturated magnetization (to outside play the ability of magnetic) of 1.66 T error (5%). Anisotropy of magnetic field intensity over the neodymium magnets about 7 T, saturated magnetization and neodymium magnets is about 1.6 T are basically the same. In addition, the material temperature rise when the saturation magnetization drop is smaller than that of neodymium magnets, so high temperature saturated magnetization is better than that of neodymium magnets. Magnetization disappear the Curie point, the new material is about 550 ℃, 312 ℃ 200 ℃ higher than neodymium magnets. Is expected to be used for the new magnet driven motor at high temperature of the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), etc. 

In this kind of new type of magnetic material, the weight of the Nd 17% (Nd2Fe12Nx of x to 1), than normal neodymium magnets Nd content is about 27%. In addition, the new magnet will traditional neodymium magnet price is quite high in B (B) for cheap N (nitrogen), therefore is a resource and price are beneficial compounds.

But this is not made of massive sintered magnets, but the film. So can't immediately replace the current sintering neodymium magnets. The future of the magnet material but also the powder and powder sintering etc.
The new magnet film manufacturing method is as follows. First in the growth of MgO style single crystal substrate lattice spacing and similar tungsten NdFe12 compounds, using the heterogeneous epitaxial growth of tungsten NdFe12 stability. Then in the nitrogen gas to heat NdFe12, synthetic Nd2Fe12Nx film. Thin film thickness of 350 nm.




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