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Speed permanent magnetic coupler passed performance tests

by Jian Guo

speed permanent magnetic coupler manufactured by Chinesecompany passed the national performance testing

Recently, speed permanent magnetic coupler manufactured by Chinesecompany passed the national performance testing such as rated condition, overload condition, zero speed conditions, the indicators are better than similar imported equipment technical level abroad, fills the blank of similar products in domestic.

Permanent magnetic coupler is one of science and technology innovation projects, energy-saving promotion products listed by the state. The product is based on the limited moment hydrodynamic coupler development trial production of a new generation of products, has solved the rotating load system for medium and soft start, vibration reduction, speed, and the problem of overload protection and greatly improve the transmission efficiency of permanent magnet magnetic drive, can achieve 98.5%, energy-saving rate of 10% to 50%.

It is understood that the product has been applied in production of new zte 120 kw, 75 kw smoke fan water treatment systems, such as multiple devices. In recent years, new zte equipment manufacturing companies take full advantage of its location advantage of traditional equipment manufacturing industry base in mines, through scientific and technological innovation, constantly promoting industrial upgrading and product upgrading, independent research and development products more than 20 national patents.

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