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Company's duty of Ningbo Vastsky magnet Co,.ltd

Ningbo Vastsky Magnet Company's culture, enterprise ID, duty of the company

Enterprise Identity:

Full Name: Ningbo Vastsky Magnet Co.,Ltd.

Abbreviation for Full Name: VastSky OR VS OR NBVS OR VastSky International


“VastSky”: embodies great ambition in business that we manufacture products not only for Local but also for the world. We are VastSky International.

“VastSky”: pins our hope that we will become the shinning company in this field.

“VS”: indicates competitiveness between us and our rivals and we will be forever full of confidence in winning the game.

“VS” :means that we will meet more and more victories.

"VS": means that we will only very strong magnets to you. 

Company's Spirit : " sincerity, cooperation, win-win, development"

Company's Belief: to constantly meet the customers' demand with perfect quality and superexcellent service, and win great benefit for employee's welfare, partners' share, social fortune.

Company's Goal: To become a professional manufacturer and exporter.

Company's Social Goal:  with out efforts to help others in the world.

Summarization of Enterprise Culture:

“Team spirit, omitting failure, keeping improving, customers first”


1. Team Spirit : Team spirit or Team cooperation is the biggest drive which make the company overcome all difficulties and win the game again and again. In our team, each one is equal, whether it is director or employee. We view the relation of managing and being managed as the relation of cooperation and link between the upriver and downriver. We don't believe the authority and just believe the fact and deed. We have the same aim. And the honors belong to all.

2. Omitting Failure: On the way toward the victories, we will meet all kinds of failure. But we won't be discouraged. In our eyes, Failure is the step to success. The more failure, the closer success. We can face failure. We can go forward bravely. We allow our staff to have failure but we ask our staff to draw lesson from every failure.

3. Keeping Improving: We may make mistakes in our work. We need to keep improving our working ways to satisfy our customers. And we should keep improving our technology to ensure quality and grasp the high quality products market. We keep learning the effective working ways and advanced technology from our rivals, customers and international partners, etc.

4. Customer First: Customers are our company's greatest fortunes. What we have done, are doing and will do is to serve customer and meet customers' requirement. Customers' satisfaction or unsatisfaction is the only standard to show our work right or not. The company and its staff are living for customers.

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client purchase strong magnets"Since 2006, we found Mr.Guo and get products from him. We used magnets under the earth for the gas and water pipe industries. We have met no problem. We have been working in very happy ways. We have many cooperation. Every year, we spent time together and sometimes, we invited him to Korea. He is our younger brother. Strongly recommended!!"

--------Mr. Tae Lee Korea

customers buy permanent magnets"I had email to Mr. Guo for rare earth magnet requirements. They replied my e-mail promptly, and were very professional. Mr. Guo’s team still continues to deliver rare earth magnets to our agreed specifications with a very high quality standard since 2012. His team is very professional and thorough with its work. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend them." 

------Mr.Tauphik India

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