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Can a magnet ruin a cell phone?

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Many friends who often contact with magnets worry about the impact of magnets on mobile phones. Can a magnet ruin a cell phone?

Many friends who often contact with magnets worry about the impact of magnets on mobile phones. Can a magnet ruin a cell phone?

1、 The answer is YES. It is very harmful to cell phone. For example, For example, the screen of mobile phone, loudspeaker, earpiece, microphone degaussing, electronic components magnetization, antenna magnetization and so on.

2、 It's the magnet that affects the earpiece. It can't hear clearly (fatal damage to the handset and speaker of the mobile phone).

3、 The earth is a magnetic field. That's because the magnetic force of the earth's magnetic field is too small. If you touch a mobile phone with a powerful NdFeB magnet of 10G, the mobile phone will be scrapped immediately.

4、 The signal of mobile phone is transmitted and received by electromagnetic wave. The compass also relies on the earth's magnetic field. Adding a magnet there will certainly affect both functions.

5、 The screen and antenna are afraid of magnets.

Through the above analysis, we understand whether the magnet has an impact on the mobile phone and how much influence it has. It is recommended not to put the mobile phone in a place with strong electromagnetic field.

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