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Rare earth magnets

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rare earth magnets are composed of rare earth magnetic material and rare earth metals. how rare earth metals works on strong magnets

--Praseodymium (Pr)

About 160 years ago, the swedes mo sander from lanthanum discovered a new element, but it is not a single element, mo Thornton found the nature of this element is very similar with lanthanum, will its entitled "praseodymium neodymium". "Praseodymium neodymium" Greek word for "twin" meaning. Around for more than 40 years, is the invention gaideng veil in 1885, Austrian Wells Bach successfully isolated from "neodymium praseodymium" out of the two elements, one named "nd", the other is named "pr". The "twin" are separated, praseodymium elements also have their own talent vast heaven and earth.

Praseodymium is larger dosage of rare earth elements, which is mainly used in glass, ceramics and magnetic materials. Praseodymium (1) is widely used in building ceramics and ceramics for daily use, its mixed with ceramic glaze glaze, also can make the glaze alone paint, paint made of pale yellow, tonal and pure and elegant. (2) used in the manufacture of permanent magnets. Choose cheap praseodymium neodymium metal instead of pure metal manufacturing neodymium permanent magnet materials, the antioxidant properties and mechanical properties, can be processed into various shapes of magnets. Widely used in all kinds of electronic devices and motors. (3) used in oil catalytic cracking. In the form of richment neodymium praseodymium in Y type zeolite molecular sieve preparation of oil cracking catalyst, catalyst activity, selectivity and stability can be improved. China began in the 70 s into commercial use, dosage increased. (4) praseodymium can also be used for abrasive polishing. In addition, praseodymium purposes is becoming more and more widely in the field of optical fiber.

--Neodymium (Nd)

Along with the birth of the elements of praseodymium, neodymium also arises at the historic moment, the arrival of neodymium active rare earth field, plays an important role in the field of rare earth, and around the rare earth market.

Elements with its unique position in the field of rare earth neodymium, become the hot spot in the market for many years. Success of the alpha magnetic spectrometer, marks the magnetic of ndfeb magnets in China has entered the world first-class level. Nd also applies to non-ferrous metal materials. 1.5 ~ 2.5% neodymium is added in the magnesium or aluminum alloy, high temperature properties of the alloy can be improved, air tightness and corrosion resistance, widely used in aerospace materials. In addition, neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet produce shortwave laser beam, under 10 mm in industry are widely used in thickness of welding and cutting thin materials. On health care, neodymium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser instead of a scalpel to remove surgery or disinfect the wound. Also used in glass and ceramic materials coloring and neodymium rubber additives. With the development of science and technology, rare earth science and technology development and extension, neodymium will have a broader use of space.

--Promethium (Pm)

In 1947, the mariinsky (J.A.M arinsky), glen tannin (L.E.G lendenin) and collier (C.E.C oryell) from the atomic reactor used successfully isolated in the uranium fuel element 61, with the name of god in Greek mythology (Prometheus) named Prometheus Promethium (Promethium).

Promethium as nuclear reactors to produce artificial radioactive elements. There are (1) the main purpose of promethium heat source. For the vacuum detection and satellites provide auxiliary energy. (2) Pm147 low beta release energy, used in the manufacture of promethium battery. As missile guidance instrument and the power of the clock. This battery is small in size, can be used for several years in a row. In addition, promethium is also used in portable X-ray apparatus, the preparation of phosphors, measure thickness as well as the beacon light.

--Samarium (Sm)

In 1879, a wave in BaoDe lai from niobium yttrium ore "praseodymium neodymium" discovered a new rare earth elements, and according to the title of this ore named samarium.

Samarium is light yellow, do samarium cobalt permanent magnet materials, samarium cobalt magnet was among the first to get the industrial application of rare earth magnets. This kind of permanent magnets have SmCo5 and Sm2Co17 two kinds. In the early 70 s invented SmCo5 department, invented the Sm2Co17 is late. Now is the latter needs to give priority to. The purity of samarium oxide used samarium cobalt magnet does not need too much, from the cost into consideration, the main use about 95% of the products. In addition, samarium oxide are also used in ceramic capacitor and catalyst. In addition, samarium have nuclear properties, can be used as structure material of nuclear reactor, shielding materials and materials control, make the nuclear fission produces the enormous energy to be able to use security.

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