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What is the strongest magnet currently?

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the strongest magnet

At present, the strongest permanent magnet is NdFeB, so it is also called NdFeB strong magnet and rare earth magnet. The default powerful magnet is NdFeB. The higher the performance grade of the same specification, the stronger the magnetic force, and the highest performance is N55.

However, the magnets to be used in different environments are also different. If you want to say which magnetic force is stronger in an ordinary environment, you can use NdFeB N series grades. Stronger), its maximum working temperature is 80°C;.
To popularize here, many people think that adding H, SH, UH after the magnet grade will make the magnetic force stronger. In fact, it is not the case. The higher the temperature resistance, the lower the magnetic force. It is inversely proportional to not directly proportional to each other.

Which part of the magnet has the strongest attraction?

This is because the magnetic force at both ends of the magnet is strong, and it can also be measured with a Gauss meter. The surface magnetism of the center of the magnet is lower than that of the surrounding edges.

Which magnet has the strongest magnetic force in an environment resistant to more than 200 degrees?

In the environment above 200 degrees Celsius, samarium cobalt is the most powerful magnet. The price is slightly higher than that of NdFeB magnets! Because iron occupies a small part of the samarium cobalt magnet, it is not easy to be corroded. Generally, it does not need to be electroplated. For aesthetics, electroplating is also possible.
If the samarium cobalt magnet is used in seawater, some rust spots will appear on the surface of the product, but it will not affect its performance and use. The physical characteristics of samarium cobalt magnets determine that samarium cobalt magnets are extremely brittle (more brittle than glass), and a slight force on the edge will cause edge and corner missing.
As for ferrite, needless to say the magnetic force, the magnetic force is relatively weak, and the price is very low. In the case of particularly high temperature resistance, it is usually the choice.

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