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How to store neodymium magnets?

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How to store neodymium magnets?

NdFeB powerful magnets contain a large amount of neodymium and iron. After a period of use, white or other color spots will appear on the surface, which will gradually develop into rust spots, but in general, rust spots are not easy to appear on electroplated magnets. #Sintered NdFeB magnet#

Causes of Rust Spots on Neodymium Magnets

1. The magnet is stored in a place with humidity, poor air circulation and temperature difference;
2. The dirt on the surface of the magnet is not cleaned well before electroplating;
3. Insufficient plating time or process problems;
4. Magnet oxidation caused by damage to the packaging seal of the magnet.

What storage methods should avoid neodymium magnets

In places with too much humidity, poor air circulation, and large temperature differences, even products that have passed the salt spray test will produce rust spots if they are stored in harsh environments for a long time. When electroplating products are stored in harsh environments, the base layer will further react with condensed water, resulting in a decrease in the bonding force between the base layer and the electroplating layer, thereby affecting the service life of the product.

The preservation method of neodymium magnet is as follows:

1. Store in a dry and ventilated place, avoid moisture;
2. Do not touch electronic equipment, because the magnet itself has positive and negative poles, and there is a circuit loop. If it is close, it will affect the electronic equipment and control loop and affect the use;
3. Do not put it in a high temperature and humid place to avoid high temperature loss of magnetism and moisture absorption and rust.

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