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Latest development of Neodymium magnet applied in nanotechnology

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Latest development of Neodymium magnet applied in nanotechnology

Neodymium magnet is a kind of strong magnetic material, which is composed of rare earth elements such as neodymium, iron and boron. It has excellent properties such as high magnetic energy product, high paramagnetic factor and low hysteresis loss, and is widely used in the fields of motors, sensors, magnetic recording, electronic transformers and permanent magnetic materials. With the development of nanotechnology, the application of Neodymium magnet in nanotechnology has also attracted extensive attention and research. This paper will discuss the latest progress of Neodymium magnet in nanotechnology from the aspects of physics, chemistry and biology.

1、 Physical field

Preparation technology of Neodymium magnet nanoparticles
In nanotechnology, the preparation of Neodymium magnet nanoparticles is a key issue. Traditional preparation methods include chemical reduction, co precipitation, thermal decomposition, etc. Although these methods are simple and feasible, the resulting nanoparticles have a large size distribution range and irregular particle shapes, making their performance difficult to unify. Therefore, researchers introduced new preparation methods, such as sol gel method, gas phase method, magnetization control method, microwave synthesis, etc.
Among them, microwave synthesis is a new method to prepare Neodymium magnet nanoparticles, which has the advantages of low temperature, high efficiency, fast and simple. This method mainly utilizes microwave magnetron discharge technology to control the gas atmosphere, reaction temperature, specific surface area, and complex concentration to prepare neodymium iron boron nanoparticles with consistent size, regular shape, and adjustable size.

Preparation and magnetic properties of Neodymium magnet nanowires
In recent years, researchers have found that neodymium iron boron nanowires have a higher specific surface area, better magnetism, and better chemical stability than nanoparticles, thus having great potential in preparation and application.
Among them, gas phase method and template method are the main methods for preparing neodymium iron boron nanowires. The vapor phase method mainly uses chemical vapor deposition and Physical vapor deposition to produce Neodymium magnet nanowires. The template method is based on the self-assembled polymer template method, which prepares nanowires by filling neodymium iron boron precursors in the template holes.
Application of Neodymium magnet in nanometer magnetic field
Neodymium magnet is an important magnetic material, which is widely used in the field of nanometer magnetism. The magnetism of Neodymium magnet is the basis of its wide application. In terms of magnetic recording, neodymium iron boron magnetic materials can be used to manufacture high-density magnetic disks, and can be used in high-capacity storage devices, special sensor equipment, and other occasions. In addition, it is widely used in medical magnetic resonance imaging, treatment, and carbon based media.

2、 Chemical field

Application of Neodymium magnet in nanometer ferroelectric materials
The ferroelectric phase transition in nano ferroelectric materials plays an important role in the preparation of high-density storage devices. In this field, Neodymium magnet is used to prepare controllable nano ferroelectric materials. For example, Nd-Fe-B nanowires can realize ferroelectric nanowires by attaching organic molecules to the surface of materials. This transformation can be realized through the cooperation of polarization and non Covalent bond between molecules. These ferroelectric nanowires can be used to prepare nonvolatile memories, high-capacity capacitors and sensor devices.
Application of Neodymium magnet in nanometer catalyst
Neodymium iron boron nanoparticles have shown some potential applications in nanocatalysts. Catalysts are important chemical reactants and have important applications in many industrial fields, such as pharmaceuticals, chemistry, petrochemicals, energy, and so on. Traditional catalysts consume more active substances, while the application of neodymium iron boron nanoparticles can reduce the consumption of catalysts and increase efficiency. The high surface area and good magnetic properties of neodymium iron boron nanoparticles jointly promote a good catalytic activity, which can improve the efficiency of the catalyst.

3、 Biology field

Application of Neodymium magnet in biomedicine
The high magnetic moment of Neodymium magnet makes it have great application potential in the field of biomedicine. Neodymium magnet can prepare various types of biomolecular probes, such as nucleic acids, proteins and cells, etc., to play the magnetic properties of biomolecules, imaging and diagnostic functions. Adding neodymium iron boron nanoparticles to biomolecular probes can enhance their affinity for biomolecules, as well as enhance their chemical stability and magnetism, providing an excellent platform for diagnosis and treatment. In addition, Neodymium magnet is also widely used in biomolecular transmission, Cell–cell recognition, virus treatment, etc.
Application of Neodymium magnet in cancer treatment
In recent years, researchers have used Neodymium magnet to prepare nanoscale magnetic materials and applied them to cancer treatment. These nanoscale magnetic materials tightly bind to cancer cells through magnetic interactions and utilize heat to additionally kill cancer cells. This method is called magnetic cancer therapy. By controlling the size, shape, and size of particles, cancer cells can be precisely and selectively destroyed without harming normal cells. Simultaneously possessing excellent drug storage and release capabilities, it is one of the new methods for treating cancer.
In conclusion, Neodymium magnet has a broad application prospect in nanotechnology. In the field of physics, great progress has been made in the preparation technology of Neodymium magnet nanoparticles and the preparation and magnetism of nanowires, which can be widely used in magnetic recording and other fields. In the chemical field, Neodymium magnet also has important applications in nano ferroelectric materials and nano catalysts. In the field of biology, Neodymium magnet can be used in biomedicine, cancer treatment and other fields. In the future, with the continuous development of technology, the application prospect of Neodymium magnet in the nano field will be broader, which will have an important impact on human technology and life.

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