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Magnetic Field Orientation and Magnetization of Sintered NdFeB

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Magnetic Field Orientation and Magnetization of Sintered NdFeB

The magnetism of sintered NdFeB materials is mainly derived from its easily magnetized crystal structure, which can obtain extremely high magnetism under the action of a strong external magnetic field, and its magnetism will not disappear after the external magnetic field disappears, so "magnetization" It is a key step for sintered NdFeB materials to obtain magnetism.
In the production and preparation process of sintered NdFeB materials, magnetization is the last step before the finished product is delivered, but the magnetic field orientation of the NdFeB blank, that is, the future magnetization direction, has been determined when the magnetic powder is pressed into the blank.

magnetic field orientation

Magnetic materials are divided into two categories: isotropic magnets and anisotropic magnets. Isotropic magnets have the same magnetic properties in any direction and can be attracted together arbitrarily; anisotropic magnets have different magnetic properties in different directions, and the direction that can obtain the best magnetic properties is called the orientation direction of the magnet.
Magnetic field orientation means that the anisotropic magnetic properties of magnetic materials will be different under the action of a magnetic field, so it is necessary to determine the optimal orientation direction to obtain the best magnetic properties. Powder magnetic field orientation is one of the key technologies for manufacturing high-performance NdFeB. In the production process, if there is an orientation process, it is an anisotropic magnet. Sintered NdFeB is generally pressed by magnetic field orientation.

Magnetization direction and method of sintered NdFeB permanent magnet

The magnetization direction and method of the sintered NdFeB permanent magnet is the process of applying a magnetic field to the sintered NdFeB permanent magnet along the direction of the magnetic field orientation, and gradually increasing the magnetic field strength to make it reach the technical saturation state. Sintered NdFeB generally has several shapes such as square, cylinder, ring, tile, etc. Next, we will talk about their common magnetization directions.
In addition to the above-mentioned ordinary single-pole magnetization, the sintered NdFeB magnetic ring can also be multi-pole magnetized according to actual needs, that is, multiple N and S poles can be displayed on one plane after magnetization. Due to the use of specially designed specifications and pole head magnetization fixtures, additional magnetization fixture costs will be incurred.
The sintered NdFeB magnetic ring magnetizer is a magnetizing equipment for sintered NdFeB magnetic rings. It can convert the external magnetic field into an internal magnetic field, so that the sintered NdFeB magnetic rings can obtain extremely high magnetic properties.

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