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The characteristics of AlNiCo magnets and which industries are they mainly used in?

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The characteristics of AlNiCo magnets and which industries are they mainly used in?

According to different production processes, AlNiCo magnets can be divided into sintered AlNiCo (SinteredAlNiCo) and cast AlNiCo (CastAlNiCo). The shape of the products is mostly round and square. Casting processing can produce different sizes and shapes; compared with casting processing, sintered products are limited to smaller sizes, and the blanks produced by it have larger dimensional tolerances than casting blanks, and the magnetic energy is slightly lower than castings, but the machinability is better . Alnico magnets have the lowest reversible temperature coefficient among permanent magnets, and their working temperature can reach above 600°C. Alnico magnet products are widely used in various instruments and meters and other fields.
Alnico magnets have high residual magnetism (up to 1.35T) and low temperature coefficient. When the temperature coefficient is -0.02%/°C, the maximum operating temperature is about 520°C. The disadvantage is that the coercive force is very low (generally less than 160kA/m), and the demagnetization curve is nonlinear. Therefore, although AlNiCo magnets are easy to magnetize, they are also easy to demagnetize.
Many industrial and consumer products require the use of strong magnetic permanent magnet materials, for example, electric motors, electric guitar pickups, microphones, transducers, speakers, traveling wave tubes, cow magnets, etc. Alnico magnets will also be used. But at present, many products have switched to rare earth magnets, because this material can provide a stronger magnetic field (Br) with a higher maximum energy product (BHmax), resulting in a smaller product size.
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