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Rubber magnet

Rubber magnet is one of the series of ferrite magnets, made from bonded ferrite magnetic powder and synthetic Rubber compound, the extrusion molding, rolling molding, injection molding process and made into a soft, elastic and can-distort magnets. It can be processed into strips, roll, sheet, block, rings, and all kinds of complicated shape.

The original features

Flexible, elastic, crooked, after extrusion, calendering, injection, mold molding process to produce to roll, sheet, strip, block, rings, and all kinds of complicated shape. Its surface can also cover PVC films, coated paper, two-sided glue, UV oil, or color printing die cutting into various shapes..Get instant prices now

Processing characteristics

Rubber magnet by magnetic powder (SrO6, Fe2O3), chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) and other additives (EBSO, DOP) etc, manufactured by extrusion, calendering. Rubber magnet can be anisotropic or isotropic, can bend, twist, roll. It can be used without more mechanical processing, can trim shape according to the required size, can also coated with PVC, back glue, UV oil, etc according to customer's requirements. Its magnetic energy is 0.60 ~ 1.50 MGOe. 

The production process

Ingredients to mix, the extrusion/calender/injection molding - processing - magnetized to inspection, packaging

Industry applications

Rubber magnets application fields: refrigerators, message sign, fasteners such as used for advertising , toys, teaching instrument, switch and sensors. Mainly used in micro motors, refrigerator, disinfection cabinet, kitchen cabinets, toys, stationery, advertising and other industries.  Get instant prices now

rubber magnetrubber magnet

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