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Beijing first Low speed maglev traffic line to open next year

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Beijing first Low speed maglev traffic line to open next year
Beijing first Low speed maglev traffic line to open next year

Beijing S1 medium and low speed maglev traffice line to open in 2016 top speed can reach 160 km/h

On April 20, the Beijing municipal S1 on the medium-and low-speed maglev lines starts to build, is expected by the end of next year to open. Opening from vallely shimen camp station to shijingshan apple orchard station only 10 minutes without a stop operation.Line S1 demonstration vehicle, about 94 meters, 3 meters wide, composed of six carriages marshalling, highest can seat 1032 passengers.

Look from the planning drawings, the 10.2 km line S1 in "Z" form. The westernmost in vallely town, east, in turn, the original road, lotus stone road across Beijing to planning professional sand pit on the road, and then to the north along the riverside road planning shilong road on the south road, across the west again after six ring, the yongding river, into the plant of shougang finally along the existing gb 25 railway station south to reach the lower apple orchards.

Beijing S1 line is the first article in a low-speed maglev train operation in rail transit, the low-speed maglev train's top speed can reach 160 km/h, but for security reasons, the real running at about the speed of 40 kilometers, 60 kilometers per hour.

The maglev affect the environment? According to relevant controller introduces, line project owner train running, the vehicle impending, about 8 to 10 mm from orbit, so has the advantages of vibration noise is small. Low-speed maglev system in the environmental impact of mild, is apart from the rail electromagnetic influence is even less than 10 meters outside ordinary household appliances such as television, refrigerator inside the bedroom, the influence of the train operation does not affect the cable TV show to watch.

According to understand, the line will be equipped with early operation 10 column 6 a low-speed maglev trains in the marshalling, one-way transportation 32000 persons per hour.

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