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High-end rare earth applications development will continue to be supported in China

by Jian Guo

promote the high-end application of rare earth is the key to the sustainable development of rare earth industry

As one of new and high technology industries indispensable raw materials, rare earth in petrochemical, metallurgy, ceramics, permanent magnetic material is widely used in various fields. Relevant departments of the future development of high-end applications will continue to support the rare earth industry.

"Promote the application of rare earth is the key to the sustainable development of rare earth industry." A rare earth industry experts said that although China has biggest rare earth industry, but in rare earth application side it has not reached world leading level, should use various means such as policy, funds, mechanism, price, rare earth development and application.

In key provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the rare earth enterprise work conference, deputy minister of industry and information technology, Mr. Su said that relevant departments through financial capital, industry fund, and financing channels, such as high-end applications continue to support the rare earth industry development; Support enterprises to carry out the strategy of rare earth research, investment national key project requirements field; Lead financial enterprises and social capital investment in rare earth high technology research and development and industrialization projects.

Application of rare earth downstream is numerous, rare earth permanent magnet, rare earth hydrogen storage materials, rare earth luminescent material, rare earth catalytic materials, rare earth glass ceramic materials, rare earth polishing materials, rare earth additives, and other fields have broad market space for development. Especially the application of new energy vehicles, will expand the rare earth permanent magnet, the market demand of rare earth hydrogen storage material. Insiders expect, after 2015 years in the global new energy cars, energy saving motor industry such as low carbon economy under the new demand of rare earth permanent magnet industry will usher in rapid development.

Data shows, in November 2014, China south locomotive first powered by rare earth permanent magnet traction motor of high speed rail vehicle rolled off the production line, compared with the traditional ac asynchronous motor, costs fell by 20%, 10% energy saving. In 2015 the national planning and construction of rail transit line such as use of article 96 of the permanent magnet synchronous traction system, only operating energy consumption can save nearly $200 million a year.

At present, China is vigorously promoting the application of rare earth downstream development. Mr. Su said that the rare earth enterprises to actively participate in the new energy vehicles, industrial robots, pollution prevention and control in areas such as new products, new technologies, design and development of the enterprise. YouYan institute, kair group, baotou rare earth institute, xiamen tungsten industry, the southern ionic rare earth engineering center and other key enterprises to take advantage of already built public technology service platform, set up to serve the entire industry technology research and development, pilot, industrialization and application of evaluation system.

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