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Ndfeb to expand with new national standard of home appliance noise limit

by Jian Guo

New household and similar electrical noise limit will bring the excellent opportunity to ndfeb application expansion

At the very beginning of a New Year, the national home appliance standards committee announced that it has officially revised home appliance noise limit new standard - household and similar electrical noise limit.

The currently-using "household and similar electrical noise limit" issuedin 2004, only for refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, electric fans, oil absorption and other common household electrical appliances product noise limit specification requirements, and the upcoming the noise limit specified in the mandatory new gb standard compared to the original standard have the obvious upgrade, standard is more strict, involves the categories in addition to increasing, more requirements merchandise must not only conform to the stipulations of the limit, and clearly marked on the noise.

It is understood that the standards revision involved 18 classes living appliances, including a new razor, dryer, dishwasher, indoor heaters, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, electric massage chair, hair care and oral hygiene, food processor, cleaner water and food waste processor, a total of 12 products. According to introducing, mandatory standard of household and similar electrical noise limit revision is wrapping up, by year, when consumer is choosing electrical appliances in the future, or will more targeted to undertake choosing according to the "voice".

Electrical appliances product mentioned here, are powered by a motor, the motor noise is one of the important reasons, in addition to its own technology, the applications of the materials also plays an important role to the noise of the size. Such as the magnet inside the motor, the personage inside course of study is generally believed that the mute of ndfeb has obvious effect and the function of the noise suppression. Thus, the "household and similar electrical noise limit" will bring the excellent opportunity to ndfeb application expansion.

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