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Production of car motor using ndfeb magnets have no technical problem

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China magnet supplier can meet the technical requirements electric cars

Electric cars require drive system to be high torque density and high reliability, good operation torque control ability, thus requiring ndfeb magnets with high magnetic energy, high coercive force and high working temperature. Due to the magnetic energy product and coercive force opposing each other, need to compromise solution. Generally adopt the brand about N42 ndfeb magnets used in automobile motor.By adding the rare metal dysprosium, can elevate working temperature to 400 degrees, satisfying the requirement of vehicle. By test of automobile enterprises from Europe and the United States, China magnet supplier can meet the technical requirements, ndfeb magnet is ready, just waiting for the order.

Hitachi metals with Toyota and other Japanese car manufacturers have cooperation for many years, its high performance ndfeb magnets in the prius, the car has been used and validated. In the domestic high-end ndfeb production enterprises, with the automobile manufacturers, motor manufacturers, cooperative development, already has a production car motor with summary of ability. Products have been tested by European and American auto makers, technology and quality is no problem. Although haven't got orders at present, the domestic enterprise production is ready, it may be said "is ready, only owe the east wind".

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