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What are the benefits of strong magnets to the human body?

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What are the benefits of strong magnets to the human body?

First of all, we need to understand what is a strong magnet? Generally speaking, strong magnets refer to neodymium iron boron magnets or neodymium magnets. The magnetic properties of NdFeB magnets largely exceed that of ferrite magnets, alnico magnets and samarium cobalt magnets. For example, an NdFeB magnet can hold an object 640 times its own weight. This is the main reason why they are generally called strong magnets.
So are strong magnets good for the human body? The answer is yes. Now most of the medical field will be applied to strong magnets.
Magnetic therapy is a growing field of medicine that harnesses the power of magnets to provide meaningful healing. While the current research is new, magnets have been used in health for thousands of years. Over 2,000 years ago, folk healers in Asia and Europe used magnets in the belief that they could actively remove impurities and disease from the body.
Magnetic therapy generally refers to the application of powerful magnets to the body as a way to bring about any physiological changes. Electrostatic field magnetic therapy is the most representative biological magnetic therapy method. It involves bringing a magnet into contact with the skin and has given rise to magnetic therapy products such as magnetic bracelets, magnetic jewelry and special magnetic therapy mattresses.

The theory behind magnetic therapy cites the way molecules have their own small magnetic fields, created by the small electrical charges inherent to those molecules. Certain conditions can cause this magnetic field to become unbalanced. By applying magnetic therapy, you can re-harmonize your body's electromagnetic field and improve your health.
Alternatively, the molecules carry charged ions, such as calcium and potassium, which are required for normal signaling and communication between cells. Using a magnetic therapy device may alter the way these ions function, potentially enhancing certain biological functions.

So what are the benefits of using powerful magnets for magnetic therapy on the human body?

1. Magnetism can promote cell metabolism, accelerate the metabolism of garbage and harmful substances in cells, and balance endocrine disorders. Accelerate blood circulation and improve microcirculation. Accelerates the resolution of inflammation, eliminates inflammation, swelling and pain.
2. Magnetism can also regulate blood pressure in two directions, especially the reduction of high blood pressure. Increase the oxygen-carrying level of red blood cells and reduce blood viscosity. Strengthen and improve the body's immune function, enhance the body's resistance to disease.
3. Magnetism has the effect of delaying aging and cleaning up free radicals deposited in the body. Improve blood lipid metabolism and lower cholesterol. Sedative effect, eliminates insomnia and mental tension. Beauty and beauty can improve the life cycle of every cell.
Scientific research shows that magnetism is one of the properties of matter, and the magnetic field of magnetic matter has different effects on the molecules, cells, nerves, organs, and all aspects of the organism. Magnetism is as essential to the human body as sunlight, air and water. When the human magnetic field is damaged, various diseases will occur in the human body. By applying an external magnetic field, the normal body state of the human body can be adjusted.

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