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Basic classification of ferrites

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Basic classification of ferrites

Ferrite basic classification, according to the different magnetic properties and applications, ferrite can be divided into: soft magnetic, permanent magnetic, rotary magnetic, magnetic moment, magnetic pressure and other five types.
According to the different magnetic properties and applications, ferrites can be divided into: soft magnetic, permanent magnetic, rotational magnetic, magnetic moment, compressive magnetic and other five types.
Fold soft magnetic material
This kind of material in the weak magnetic field, easy magnetization is also easy to demagnetization, such as zinc chromium ferrite and nickel zinc ferrite. Soft magnetic ferrite is a kind of ferrite material with wide use, variety, quantity and high output value. It is mainly used as a variety of inductor components, such as filter core, transformer core, radio core, and magnetic tape recording and video head, etc., is also the key material of magnetic recording components.
Folded permanent magnet ferrite
A compound having a hexagonal structure with uniaxial anisotropy. Mainly barium, strontium, lead three kinds of ferrite and their composite solid solution. There are same-sex and opposite-sex magnetism. Because such ferrite materials can retain strong constant remanence property for a long time after the external magnetization field disappears, they can be used to generate stable magnetic field in external space. It is widely used, for example, in all kinds of electricity meters, generators, telephone sets, loudspeakers, television sets and microwave devices as a constant magnet.
Fold hard magnetic materials
Ferrite hard magnetic material is not easy to demagnetize after magnetization, therefore, also known as permanent magnet material or permanent magnetic material. Such as barium ferrite, steel ferrite and so on. It is mainly used in telecommunications devices in the voice recorder, pickup, loudspeaker, a variety of instruments of the magnetic core.
Folded gyromagnetic material
The gyromagnetism of magnetic materials refers to the phenomenon that the plane polarized electromagnetic wave propagates in a certain direction in the material under the action of two mutually perpendicular stable magnetic fields and electromagnetic wave magnetic fields, but its polarization plane will constantly rotate around the propagation direction. Although metal and alloy materials also have certain gyromagnetism, they cannot be used because of their low resistivity and large eddy current loss. Therefore, the application of spin magnetism in ferrite magnetic materials has become a unique field of ferrite. Gyromagnetic materials are mostly composed of microwave devices, such as waveguides or transmission lines. Mainly used in radar, communication, navigation, telemetry and other electronic equipment.
Folding moment magnetic materials
This refers to ferrite materials with rectangular hysteresis loops. Its characteristic is that, when there is a small external magnetic field, it can be magnetized, and reach saturation, remove the external magnetic field, the magnetic field is still the same as saturation. Such as magnesium manganese ferrite, lithium manganese ferrite and so on. This ferrite material is mainly used in the memory core of various electronic computers and so on.
Folding compressive magnetic material
This kind of material refers to the ferrite material that makes mechanical elongation or shortening in the direction of magnetic field when magnetizing, such as nickel-zinc ferrite, nickel-copper ferrite and nickel-chromium ferrite. Compressive magnetic material is mainly used as a transducer of electromagnetic energy and mechanical energy conversion, as magnetostrictive element for ultrasound.
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