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Properties of block magnets

by Jian Guo

Properties of block magnets

A block magnet is a powerful magnetic material usually made of alloys of iron, cobalt, nickel and other elements. Its performance is usually evaluated by the following aspects:

Magnetic properties: The main properties of block magnets are energy product and remanence. The higher the magnetic energy product, the greater the energy density generated by the magnetic field, while the remanence rate is the magnetic flux density that still exists after the magnetic field is removed. The higher the data, the higher the magnetization degree of the block magnet.
Stability: The stability of a block magnet depends on its Curie temperature, that is, when the temperature is higher than this temperature, the magnetic properties will decline rapidly. A higher Curie temperature means a higher operating temperature range.
Coaxiality: The coaxiality of a block magnet refers to the consistency of its magnetic field direction with the geometric central axis of the block. The higher the coaxiality, the more uniform the magnetic field distribution, which is more in line with the design requirements.
Magnetic permeability: The magnetic permeability of a block magnet determines its ability to transmit a magnetic field. Higher permeability can conduct magnetic fields over greater distances, making them useful in some applications.
In short, the performance of block magnets is closely related to the application, and it needs to be selected according to different needs.

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