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How to quickly distinguish whether the magnet is NdFeB or AlNiCo?

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How to quickly distinguish whether the magnet is NdFeB or AlNiCo?

1. Appearance difference

NdFeB strong magnets are easy to oxidize due to the metal containing neodymium, so they need surface plating. AlNiCo, on the other hand, has better corrosion resistance and usually does not undergo surface treatment.

2. Material

The fractures of the two products are different. NdFeB is a very fine small crystal, while Alnico has a rougher section and larger crystal particles.

3. Curve detector

If conditions permit, the two magnetic materials can be judged by the demagnetization curve, and the remanence of NdFeB is higher.

4. Temperature resistance

NdFeB can usually withstand 80 ℃. Alnico magnets are at 300---500° (Alnico magnets demagnetize at a temperature exceeding 600°C, so we generally say that the working temperature of Alnico magnets is less than or equal to 550°C).

5. Magnetic strength

Alnico is a high temperature resistant magnet, but its magnetism is very weak. The higher the temperature resistance of the magnet, the weaker the magnetic force is. The magnetic force is inversely proportional to the temperature resistance. Like ferrite, ferrite is also more resistant to high temperature than NdFeB.

6. Density of magnetic material

NdFeB 7.5-7.6g/cm3, Alnico 7.3-7.4. 7. Price AlNiCo contains strategic resources cobalt and nickel, so the price is expensive, and fewer people use it. Many customers choose NdFeB instead. The application fields of AlNiCo involve aerospace, military, automobile industry and security. system.

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