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Manufacturing process of permanent magnet

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Manufacturing process of permanent magnet

First make a sand mold in the shape of the magnet, and the materials include copper, cobalt, sulfur, nickel, iron, aluminum and titanium. Put the metal into the electromagnetic furnace and heat it to above 1600°C.
When these metals are melted into liquid and poured into the sand mold, the sand mold at this time suddenly burst into flames.
Hammer the sand mold with a hammer, wait for the sand mold cooling flame to go out, and then pick out the sand blocks in the metal.
The cast metal is still an ordinary iron block, which does not have any magnetic force. Next, the iron blocks are strung and inserted into the copper pipes, which are filled with sand and the top layer is sealed with concrete.

Put it in the furnace and heat it at 700°C, take it out, fix the two ends of the copper tube with clamps, pass a low-voltage high-charge current, and then take out the metal part. This step has made the metal part slightly magnetized, and the direction of the magnetic field has been correctly established.
The magnet is made effective through the magnetizing machine, and the machine will pass the magnetism to the metal through the current to make it magnetized. After passing through the alternating current, the capacitor is first charged with a high voltage (energy storage), and then discharged through a coil with a very small resistance. The current peak value is very high during discharge, which can reach tens of thousands of amperes. The powerful magnetic fields generated by electromagnetism can permanently magnetize metals.

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