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hazards of magnets

by Jian Guo

hazards of magnets

Magnets are useful in a variety of ways, but they also present some dangers. To understand these potential hazards, it is necessary to first understand what a magnet is. A magnet is any object with a magnetic field. One end of the magnet has a pole, which can be labeled North or South. These two opposite poles attract each other. In some cases, this attraction will be strong enough to cause harm to human beings.

Potential hazards of magnets for children

Many products contain magnets. The Consumer Safety Commission reports that magnets are a hazard for young children, as children as young as 10-11 months are likely to play with toys containing small magnets. If these toys break, the magnets can come off and risk being swallowed by a child. This can cause the child to choke and be fatal. Therefore, when giving toys to children, carefully check whether they are damaged or fall off.

Magnets have potential health effects

Magnets are not only harmful to children, adults can also be affected by the magnetic pull. Neodymium magnets have enough strength to lift 20 pounds, so the magnets have the potential to pose a hazard to patients because they can interfere with pacemakers. Heart disease patients prone to heart failure can die if not corrected in time.

Magnets Harm Your Computer

Magnets can also damage tools. A computer contains a device called a hard disk. The hard disk stores all the information accessible to the computer. When a magnet approaches a hard drive, the magnetic field can interfere with the drive and destroy its contents. According to a report in Computer Magazine, information once touched by a magnet has the potential to become trash and can no longer be used, with serious consequences.

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