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How to use magnets to promote good health

by Jian Guo

How to use magnets to promote good health

Magnetic therapy is an alternative therapy that has been used for centuries in both China and the West. Ancient civilizations including Egypt, India, and Greece used magnets as talismans and used them to promote self-healing. According to the theory, they could be used to relieve pain in specific parts of the body, reduce inflammation and speed up wound healing. Application to the skin could theoretically aid muscle relaxation and fluid retention.
While there is much controversy surrounding the use of magnets, some preliminary research has shown their benefits in treating chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis pain. Because magnets are expected to affect the body by releasing magnetic fields at the cellular level, some health practitioners use them to speed up fracture healing. Theories against magnet therapy claim that there is a lack of scientific research to prove the effectiveness of this therapy.

Magnets built into jewelry, insoles, and bracelets are the smallest applications of magnetic therapy. Larger equipment also includes mattresses and massage cushions. In addition to relieving pain, they improve blood circulation and treat insomnia, so they are widely used in sleeping pads and pillows. Some companies also sell magnetic dog and cat necklaces to help treat joint pain in animals.
People with implanted pacemakers or insulin pumps cannot use magnets. Doctors also advise pregnant women to avoid them because they can affect circulation and clotting. In addition, patients with severe diseases should not treat magnetic therapy as the only treatment.
If you want to try magnet therapy to promote health, it is best to consult a professionally trained doctor who knows how to place the magnets in the appropriate position according to different diseases.

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