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Why are magnets used in speakers? The role of audio plus magnet ring

by Jian Guo

Why are magnets used in speakers? The role of audio plus magnet ring

Acoustic magnets refer to magnetic components used to enhance low-sound effects, and are usually installed in low-sound units of audio equipment.

Magnets are used in stereos primarily to improve sound quality and enhance bass. Specifically, magnets can be used in the following areas:

1. Enhance the bass effect: The magnet can generate a magnetic field, which affects the direction and speed of sound transmission. In the low frequency range, the magnet can make the sound more focused and powerful, thus enhancing the bass effect.
2. Improve the signal-to-noise ratio: magnets can reduce electromagnetic interference and improve the signal-to-noise ratio. This means the sound system can better handle noise and other interfering signals and deliver clearer, more accurate sound.
3. Improve sound separation: Magnets can make sounds of different frequencies more evenly distributed in space, thereby improving sound separation. This allows the listener to better discern the position and distance of different instruments or sound sources.

As for the role of the sound plus magnet ring, it is often called a "magnetic ring amplifier". A magnetic ring amplifier is an audio device that uses the magnetic field generated by a magnetic ring to amplify sound. It works by inputting an audio signal into a magnetic field and then amplifying the signal through the magnetic field lines. Since the magnetic force lines can penetrate the metal casing, the magnetic ring amplifier can output high-fidelity audio signals without increasing distortion. At the same time, the magnetic ring amplifier can also change the frequency response and sound field effect of the sound by adjusting the size and shape of the magnetic field, so as to achieve more fine sound effect adjustment.

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