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A horn magnet is an electromagnet used to make horns. It consists of many tiny coils and magnetic cores, and when an electric current passes through it, a magnetic field is generated, which causes the air molecules to vibrate and produce sound. Speaker magnets usually use strong NdFeB magnets or AlNiCo magnets to generate enough magnetic field strength to drive tweeters or woofers. Different types of horns require different types and sizes of horn magnets for best results.

There are many types of horn magnets, here are some common ones:

NdFeB horn magnet: It has the characteristics of high magnetic energy product, good stability and strong coercive force, and is widely used in various electronic devices.
Ferrite speaker magnet: It has the advantages of low cost, good magnetic properties and mechanical strength, and is often used in products such as low-frequency speakers and earphones.
Alnico Horn Magnet: It has the characteristics of high energy density, high temperature working ability, good corrosion resistance, etc., and is suitable for high temperature and high frequency applications.
Bonded NdFeB horn magnet: A new type of horn magnet made by bonding NdFeB particles with resin, which has higher energy density and better processing performance.
Samarium cobalt speaker magnet: with high magnetic field strength and low distortion, it is suitable for high-end audio system and car audio and other fields.

Advantages of NdFeB horn magnets

High energy density: The energy density of NdFeB magnets is higher than other types of horn magnets, which can generate stronger magnetic fields.
High stability: NdFeB horn magnets have good temperature stability and chemical stability, and can maintain stable performance for a long time.
Low distortion: Due to the large magnetic energy product of the NdFeB speaker magnet, it performs well in the high frequency band and has a low distortion rate.
Easy to process: NdFeB horn magnets can be processed by various methods such as injection molding, tablet molding, and hot pressing, and the molding accuracy is high.
Corrosion resistance: NdFeB horn magnets have good corrosion resistance and can be used for a long time in humid or corrosive environments.

Disadvantages of NdFeB horn magnets:

Easy to demagnetize: Due to its large magnetic energy product, it is easy to demagnetize, so special attention should be paid to maintenance.
Expensive: Compared with other types of speaker magnets, NdFeB speaker magnets are more expensive.
Larger volume: Due to its high energy density, NdFeB horn magnets are usually large in size, which is not easy to install and carry.

The following factors need to be paid attention to when choosing a horn magnet:

Magnetic performance: The magnetic performance of the horn magnet is an important factor for selection. Including magnetic field strength, coercive force, energy density and other parameters, these parameters will affect the sound effect and response speed of the speaker.
Operating temperature: The operating temperature range of the horn magnet is also an important factor in the selection. Different working temperatures require horn magnets made of different materials to ensure that they can work normally and are not easy to demagnetize.
Corrosion resistance: Since the speaker magnet will be exposed to humid or corrosive environments for a long time, its corrosion resistance is also a factor that needs to be considered.
Size and shape: The size and shape of the speaker magnet also need to be selected according to the specific usage scenario. For example, if it needs to be installed in a small device, you need to choose a smaller speaker magnet.
Cost: The price of speaker magnets is also an important consideration, and you need to choose according to your budget.

There are many shapes of speaker magnets, the common ones are as follows:

Round Horn Magnet: This is the most common horn magnet shape with equal diameter and height.
Square horn magnet: This kind of horn magnet is usually used in car audio systems, and its length, width and height are 3-5 cm, 2-3 cm, and 1-1.5 cm.
U-Shaped Horn Magnet: The two ends of this horn magnet are U-shaped, which can better adapt to different installation environments.
L-shaped speaker magnet: The two ends of this speaker magnet are L-shaped, and are often used in small devices such as headphones.
Ring horn magnet: This horn magnet is shaped like a ring and can be used to make drive units in large equipment such as speakers.

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