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Application of NdFeB Magnets in Automobile Motors

by Jian Guo

Application of NdFeB Magnets in Automobile Motors

NdFeB magnets have been widely used in the new energy vehicle industry. Due to the growing demand for electric vehicles in the global automotive market, their use is gradually increasing.
Neodymium magnets are permanent magnets composed of neodymium, iron and boron. The material remains the strongest type of rare-earth permanent magnet currently available.
In fact, neodymium magnets used to be found safe in products such as hard drives, microphones, speakers, headphones, and magnetic bearings, but now, NdFeB magnets are widely used in automotive electric motors. It is mainly used in starters, generators, motors and other components of electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and traditional vehicles.

Starter: NdFeB magnets can provide sufficient magnetic field strength so that the starter can start the engine.
Generator: NdFeB magnets can be used as permanent magnets in generators to improve the efficiency and output power of generators.
Motor: NdFeB magnets can be used as rotor poles in the motor to generate enough magnetic field to drive the motor to rotate.
Energy recovery system: NdFeB magnets can be used in the energy recovery system to convert the energy generated during braking into electrical energy and store it in the battery.

NdFeB magnets in the automotive industry

In all cars and future designs, the number of electric motors and solenoids is in the double digits. For example, they exist in:
Electric motors for windows.
Electric motors for windshield wipers.
Door closing system.
One of the most important components in an electric motor is a neodymium magnet. The magnet is usually the stationary part of the motor, providing the resistive force to produce circular or linear motion.
Neodymium magnets in electric motors offer many advantages over other types of magnets, especially where high performance motors or size reduction are key factors. Keeping in mind that all new technology is aimed at reducing the overall size of the product, these engines are likely to take over the market very soon.
Neodymium magnets are increasingly used in the automotive industry and are the first choice for designing new magnetic applications for this industry。

Why are neodymium magnets used in electric motors?

The reasons for using neodymium magnets in electric motors are as follows:

High energy efficiency: Compared with traditional electromagnet materials, such as Alnico, silicon steel, etc., NdFeB magnets have higher energy density and lower resistivity, so they can provide higher conversion efficiency and power output.
High power density: NdFeB magnets can be made into very thin and powerful magnets, which can achieve higher power density in a small space, suitable for application scenarios such as high-performance electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles.
Long Lifespan: Since the NdFeB magnet has high corrosion resistance and wear resistance, it can extend the service life of the motor.
Environmental protection and energy saving: NdFeB magnet is a green and environmentally friendly material. Compared with traditional rare earth permanent magnet materials, it consumes less resources and has a higher recycling rate.
In summary, the application of NdFeB magnets in motors has the advantages of high energy efficiency, power density and long life, so it has become one of the important materials in the fields of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles.

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